Secret Coast

Mixed Reality experience

“It’s hard not to fall in love with Secret Coast!” Digital Catapult.

Secret Coast is an exciting immersive storyworld experience which leads you along coastal paths, and into a story from our shared past.

Funded as an R&D project by CreativeXR, the locative experience delivers live action images, spatial audio, music and gameplay, to tell a story of smuggling, piracy and teenage angst. The storyworld is accessed, along the trail, by personal device, through which the user will be able to interact with talking AR characters who appear out of the walls, or half hidden in the sand of the beach. There are AR portals through which the user can travel into an eighteenth century tavern and an underwater treasure trove, where the clue to saving dying sea creatures might be found. The user is given agency within the story arc, they can interact, make things happen, defeat the bad forces and triumph with the good. GPS-activated, this app is designed to provide 20 sequential locations along the hour-long walk, where the user can experience the next stage of the story. Immersed in audiovisual drama which emerges in unexpected places, and unpredictable ways, the user can find clues, collect artifacts and characters, earn in-game currency, play side-quests, and solve complex story problems.

Using the power of a rich storyworld, this app is designed to move audience members, to connect them to the environment in which the scenes take place, to explore the coastline and our precious resource the sea. And the story reward, when the audience save the sea creatures from ransack, is a mesmerising and beautiful immersive moment, experienced outside, where theatrical story, and such cinematic wizardry have never been experienced before.

Behind the Scene