Interactive Media

Game play Merch enhancement

Interactive Media

We can bring depth and richness to print or projected images, bringing a flat piece of art, graphic image or book to life. Educators, gallery owners, museum curators can benefit from the magical enhancement of flat material which is suddenly alive, moving and in 3D.

We can make owning a piece of merchandise an experience in itself, so fans at a music concert can come away from a concert with a new t-shirt which recreates the concert – with all the flashing lights and music they have just experienced.

Or cherish a ticket which has their favourite artist standing on it, a 3D lifelike mini celebrity to take home.

We have developed work for global Tech companies, property developers, museums and schools. We’ve told futuristic stories about smart cities, educational and science stories promoting STEM, and historical stories for heritage spaces. The flat image need never be flat again…