Volumetric Filming and Holograms

Live Action Footage

Volumetric Filming and Holograms

Cinematic entertainment is undergoing a revolution…..

And at Immersive Storylab, we want to be driving the transformation.

Working with our partners Dimensions Studio and LIPA film, we are one of the few immersive companies to have recorded live action in volumetric film.

In partnership with Microsoft, we demonstrated how a few minutes of Volumetrically filmed footage could be used to tell powerful stories: on Oculus Rift as VR, on Hololens, Mixed Reality headset, as AR characters pinned to event tickets and accessed on devices around the street of Liverpool, and projection mapped, to become spooky characters who come out of prison walls to talk to you.

And when volumetric capture of characters isn’t the right way to go, we find other new technologies to make the magic happen. We’re working with partners from New York to push the boundaries of hologrammatic tech. Hologram-characters will soon be walking out of the walls, and right through the centre of a room full of people. And they are getting more and more realistic by the day.